July ~ September 2018

Here I am again posting these pictures ALMOST 12 months late. My website is always something that gets left to fall behind as work and life continue to be busy. Work life balance is ridiculously difficult and I am usually trying to catch up on things late into the night. Mid year 2019 resolution is to try and get this balance thing right !!!
Anyway, when I look back at all these beautiful memories I have captured for people it gives me all the warm fuzzies and makes it ALL worth it!


1. Original images are perfectly sharp but these will not appear to be due to being resized for internet to make them easier to load.

2. Some photos are cropped by the website in the thumbnails, so if it looks like I chopped off someone’s head then I probably didn’t. Click on the photo to open the original crop size photo.

3. These are not entire sessions. Just my favs from each.

November ~ December

Final sessions from 2017.

I was unwell for part of this time so for all the families that I had to turn away I decided to run last minute Xmas Mini Sessions in December so as many people as possible had to chance to get some nice photos before Xmas.

To be honest 2017 it was not such a great year for me personally. I was still able to do some great photos for some amazing people, and make new friends along the way. I am keen however to say goodbye to 2017 and start fresh in 2018 with a newly inspired and positive outlook.

July & August

Running behind again with posting what I've been photographing lately so I'm running 2 months into one!

June was all newborn boys and July/August was all newborn girls :) And what precious little cherubs Addison & Amelia are!
I also met a beautiful family who were leaving town and wanting some photos to mark their time living in our beautiful Silver City. 
Also photographed in July was the most adorable little baby girl with some pretty amazing doting big brothers who were more than happy to cuddle and kiss their little sister for photos for Mum. 
I met up with some crazy fun kids to create some photos for them to give their Nan for her birthday. They had me in absolute stitches and we all had a great time. Photos really are the perfect gift and I love when people organise secret sessions for a loved ones birthday :)
Little Ebony who I photographed as a newborn also paid me a visit for some portraits to mark her 1st birthday. I seriously could not believe that she is 1 already. Time really does fly. She has grown into such a little character, such a bright little soul with the most beautiful brown eyes. I think the world will have big things in store for this little one!
Another little 1 year old who I photographed as a teeny tiny 4 day old baby (my youngest newborn I have photographed) was little Levi. He visited me for his cake smash session. Levi's family seriously has such a huge part of my heart. Levi's older sister Ruby was also my very first newborn session. I have come such a long was with my photography and this family has stuck with me from the start. I am so grateful for them walking through my front door and handing their brand new baby to me. I am honoured to every parent that trusts me to photograph their child but seeing as I had practically no experience I am forever grateful to them.
Bittersweet was my experience photographing the wonderful team of Broken Hill First National. Some of you may know that I worked for BHFN 10 years ago. I am so thankful for the friendships that came from my time working for BHFN. Seeing the comradery between the staff made me miss being a part of great team. I wouldn't trade my job for the world but being a 1 woman team has its moments. This was my second time photographing the team at BHFN and I thoroughly enjoy the change of pace from chasing small kids around :) These guys seriously know their business so if your buying, selling or renting I suggest you give them a call. (08) 8088 4488 (still know this off by heart)!
Also pictured below is my dear long time friends Lisa & Rhett, expecting twins! I don't think there is a woman on earth who has looked this good at 32 weeks pregnant let alone with twins. Rhett you really are 1 very lucky man. I cannot wait to meet your new babies and I am positive Esta is going to make the most amazing big sister xxx

❤ ph

My magnificent month of May making MEMORIES.

May has been madness. If you haven't guessed it before, I'm a sucker for alliteration :) haha

I have been really enjoying using my new studio space and have found it makes such a difference to my sessions being able to move from 1 set-up to another seamlessly. It means less disruption to the baby, greater variety of photos for Mum & Dad and faster session times for me. Check out some of these little ones who have visited me this month.
I also had the honour of photographing a Debutante session for the lovely Kate. I photographed Kate's sister's Deb 2 years ago and was so pleased her Mother asked me back to capture Kate's day. I had told myself I wasn't going to do Deb sessions anymore and to just focus of my baby and family niche, but I enjoyed it so much I don't think I can help myself. Deb sessions will remain available :)
May also marked the final month of pregnancy for one of my lovely clients. Jess & I have been meeting up once a month since the beginning of her pregnancy to create a beautiful timeline of her baby's growth from month to month. As I am writing this post a month later, I have already met and photographed her little man who will be in next months June post.
May also marked the official opening of my new studio, which I'll post about separately. And I also found time amongst all these sessions to take a weekend trip to Mildura and while we were there we had some family photos taken. It's very strange for me to be on the other side of the camera, but I enjoyed the whole experience and love every single photo. It's so nice to feel what my client's feel when I give them their photos. 
So without further ado, here are my March photos.

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