Photos 1-4 by Teagan Jane Photography - Mildura VIC. Photo 5  by Emmy Rose Photography - Curramulka SA.

Photos 1-4 by Teagan Jane Photography - Mildura VIC.
Photo 5 by Emmy Rose Photography - Curramulka SA.

People often ask me how I got into photography, whether it was something I always wanted to do and how my little business came about. Here is that story...

I have always loved photography. My Mother was a photography hobbyist so I grew up with a camera in my face. As a kid I was always the friend with the camera taking photos and getting rolls and rolls of film developed. I took a film photography course as a teenager and the magic of the darkroom cast its spell on me and I knew I would forever have a camera in my hand.  I loved photography but never thought of it as an appropriate career path. When I was pregnant with my daughter I made the decision to buy a fairly expensive camera and I vowed to learn how to use it properly. Photographing my baby growing up made me fall in love with photography in a whole new way. All these amazing moments with my baby were passing by in the blink of an eye, leaving me with memories and photographs, and it was then that I truly felt I understood the power of photography. People began to see me sharing my own photos on Facebook and people began to ask me if I would take pictures for them. My photography made a natural progression from there and soon after Pennie Hall Photography was born.

I have devoted hours upon hours photographing, studying and educating myself of all things photography. I have invested in many e-workshops with amazing photographers such as newborn photographers Kelly Brown & Ana Brandt & master of women's portraiture Sue Bryce. Sometimes I feel like I live, breathe & sleep photography, as I am nearly always doing something related to it in some way.

I am committed to my own professional development in 2016 I have attended The Baby Summit for newborn photographers where I learnt from some of the best newborn & maternity photographers in the world. I have also attended a small group newborn workshop with the amazing Leanne Curtis, master of studio light. In 2017 I will complete my Diploma of Photography which will just give me something on paper to legitimise my self taught skills.
I love to continue to grow my knowledge and push myself to learn new techniques so I can keep raising my standard of photography for my clients.

❤ ph

Life goes by in a blur of moments and memories and its impossible to remember everything. Let me help you remember the little things by capturing those moments in your lives for you. Whether it be those tiny baby feet, curious toddler eyes or gappy toothed smiles, every age is a precious memory to cherish. 

- Pennie Hall