October ~ December 2018

Wow these were some very busy months, and this is not even all of it as I’ve posted Xmas Mini Sessions separately (keep scrolling down for those!
November is always my busiest month of the year as everyone is getting in before Xmas and 2018 was no different. I am writing this post in May 2019 and I already have bookings for November, so tip of the day is don’t delay. I WILL book out months before Xmas 2019.
AANNNNDDD thats all my posting for 2018 photos done and dusted! Next post… Jan-March 2019.

July ~ September 2018

Here I am again posting these pictures ALMOST 12 months late. My website is always something that gets left to fall behind as work and life continue to be busy. Work life balance is ridiculously difficult and I am usually trying to catch up on things late into the night. Mid year 2019 resolution is to try and get this balance thing right !!!
Anyway, when I look back at all these beautiful memories I have captured for people it gives me all the warm fuzzies and makes it ALL worth it!


1. Original images are perfectly sharp but these will not appear to be due to being resized for internet to make them easier to load.

2. Some photos are cropped by the website in the thumbnails, so if it looks like I chopped off someone’s head then I probably didn’t. Click on the photo to open the original crop size photo.

3. These are not entire sessions. Just my favs from each.