Zinc Lakes Locations for Mini Sessions

There are various locations within the Zinc Lakes for your photos. It can be quite a walk from one end of the lakes to the other and being short sessions we won’t be able to go too far during your 20 minutes. So if you could please have a look at which location appeals to you most and let me know as that will be our meeting place for your session and the general area we will stay within. We will wander yonder if there is time but to play it safe I would prefer to start in your preferred location.

These example photos are exactly like what you can expect from your session. Again there will be no props or Christmas theme to the mini sessions. You are welcome to BYO Santa hats or props if you want a Christmas styled photo.

1. Front of lakes / tall forrest like trees to the left of the lakes with large grass area
This is the best area for large groups or for any older family members who can’t walk too far.

2. Back of lakes / bridge
It may not seem it, but it can be a fair walk, so not great for the elderly.

2. Side of lakes / bush road area / old store shed / wheat grass
These spots photograph beautifully. However the scrub area off the pathway requires extra vigilance being summer and having a higher risk of snakes.

You will be asked which location on your online questionnaire linked in your email. Thank you.