Location Location Location...

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I get so many clients asking me about where they can have their photos taken. The choice is yours and I am happy to photograph you and your family anywhere (providing the time of day is suitable for lighting conditions) but these are my recommendations of my most photographed spots along with stacks of photos so you can see the variety we can get at each location.


Stephens Creek

Via Tibooburra Road. Approx 10 minutes drive.

Stephens Creek on Tibooburra Road (not to be confused with Stephens Creek Reservoir on Sydney Road) is my primary location for family portraits.
Depending on the weather, age of the children or walking abilities of any elderly family members we can stay very close to the road or we can go for a walk exploring further down the creek. We can use green banks of the creek near the road to get nice leafy/green/grassy images and then kick off the shoes and go down into the wide open sandy creek for the red/beige sand images. The environment is ever changing depending on how dry the season has been, be prepared to get sand in your shoes or even better, between your toes :) 

Junction Lookout/Brownes Shaft

Located in Broken Hill, turn off on Menindee Road between North & South Broken Hill.

Junction Lookout is a great spot for those looking for a true 'Broken Hill' style to their family images. Full of character, colour and textures, the large shed (winder house) and old water tanks create great backdrops giving an urban/industrial feel and the top of the lookout gives a great image as the sun is going down with the poppet head in the background. Most areas are easily accessible but there is some optional areas that involve climbing over uneven ground. There are steep drop offs from the top of the lookout where small children must be held or holding Mum or Dads hands, so if your child is a runner then this one is probably not for you.

Zinc Lakes/South Mine Entrance

Located in Broken Hill, on Wentworth Road/Perilya South mine entrance.

Zinc Lakes is a good spot for those wanting a lot of variety images and the best choice for those who have older family members who are not able to walk far. There is a bush type area next to the grass and just down the road (literally less than a minute drive but just a little far to walk) is the Perilya Mine entrance which is lines by trees and a hedge which offers plenty of shade and a great photo spot. I generally start a session here and then finish it off at the Zinc Lakes as there is less shaded area at the lakes.

My Secret Spot :)

On the edge of town in a quiet street (directly across from my childhood home where my Dad still lives).

This spot is just a large patch of grass surrounded by bushland (saltbush) and lined with wheat. There is very little shade here so it is best suited to shorter sessions at sundown. It is also unpredictable whether the lawn in a little longer or freshly mowed (both having their pros and cons - need to be extra mindful of snakes in the hot weather). A very popular spot for maternity and outdoor cake smash sessions.

Convent Gardens

Located in Broken Hill, Wolfram Street.

The old Convent is a privately owned building and residence. The building itself, entrance steps, stone walls & front doors provide great backdrops and the front garden has a hedge lined pathway and a large Moreton Bay Fig tree. The owners allow the gardens and grounds to be used by the public for photos if it does not conflict with other bookings as funerals and community functions/programs are conducted from the large hall on the property.

Silverton/Mundi Mundi Lookout

25 minutes drive.

The best sunset location! There are lots of old building that provide shade needed for portraits and are all very unique in their own way. We can walk the loop of the town and utilise different buildings. Or we can start at the creek, short car ride to photograph with the old ruins and back in the car to catch Mundi Mundi lookout for sunset.   :)

Cactus Garden

South Broken Hill.

This has to be one of my favourite locations. There are so many different assortments of cactus growing all over the place and the biggest prickly pear I have ever seen. It is on a hill, which the kids think is a great adventure to climb up and explore, however it is one to explore with caution.  Most areas are easily accessible (still a slight climb up the hill) but there are also some drop offs in areas where small children must be held or holding Mum or Dads hands, and of course there are many prickly cacti that should not be touched, so if your child is a runner then this one is probably not for you. Best suited to about an hour before sundown.

Random Areas...

All around town.

There are so many good photo spots around Broken Hill. The areas above give space and the ability to get a large number of images and still provide variety without having to go to multiple locations. If your session is a small amount of images there are heaps of spots about that can give a different look. Bougainvillea bushes in laneways, interesting walls and doors in Gawler Place, Mural walls, I've even taken maternity photos in the open clearing behind the cemetery. I'm open to trying out anywhere new if you are.