Amazing August | The Baby Summit 2016 | Pennie Hall Photography goes to the big smoke (& coast) :)

August was was of the most amazing months of my life and my journey as a Photographer. This will probably be a long post, but I can't get it out in a short amount of words just how lucky I am!
I going to take you right back to the beginning...
A lot of people ask me how I got into what I do and my story is the same as 90% of newborn photographers.. it started when I had my own baby. I hadn't organised newborn photos and once my daughter was born it was so much harder than I anticipated, photos hit the back burner and I missed out. I didn't realise at the time how much I would regret that decision!
Having saved hundreds of dollars on photos I thought I would buy a really expensive camera (I thought $1K was an absurd amount of $$ for a camera at the time) and if I was going to spend all that money, I damn well better learn how to use it!!!! The first photos I took in manual mode was completely black. Just like parenting, it was SO much harder than I anticipated! I would have a play around with it during nap times and took a few too many photos of my orange tree learning the ins and outs. Of course I tried to take 'professional' style photos of my baby too, those of which will never see the light of day (to anyone but me). I practiced and watched hours upon hours of online learning and then I came across the amazing Kelly Brown teaching an online newborn photography course. I was already a fan of hers but watching her work and teach, I was in awe!!! She made it look so easy. I hung on every word and watched her over and over again. I took notes and along with my camera, notepad and laptop I made my kitchen table my classroom. This woman was so inspiring. She had began photography as a Mum from Brisbane and here she was in USA broadcasting her knowledge worldwide. That gave me the push to start my business. The rest in history.
Fast forward....
Kelly Brown being the entrepreneur that she is, began a huge event for photographers. A long weekend of the industry's best Photographers sharing their knowledge through demonstrations, seminars and networking. Oh, and did I mention that there was props? SOLD! I had to go.
I crunched the numbers and it just wasn't doable with having to leave my 2yo and travel/flights/accommodations. I was devastated. Oh well maybe next year.
Next year....
Baby Summit is on again. I CAN NOT MISS OUT this year. I saw on the Facebook page that Kelly was running a competition for a free ticket, so I entered, and I WON!!! I mentioned in my entry that I have NEVER won anything in my life. With the exception of plastic rocking horse placemats at a fair when I was about 4 on spin the wheel :)
I put on my big girl pants and drove to Adelaide, flew to the Gold Coast and had the time of my life. Not only did I meet my idol Kelly Brown (& Rob, Garrett & Jade), I also met so many other Photographers that I had followed online like Kathleen Vergara (Kath V), Jade Gao (Newborn Photography by Jade), Luisa Dunn, Leanne Curtis, Elise Gow, Kristen Cook, Erin Elizabeth Hoskins, Barb Uil (Jinky Art) and Sue Bryce. Everyone was so friendly and approachable, it was like being at school camp. I also met some amazing women who I have kept in contact with Rebecca, Sarah, Tarah, Shona, Pia, Megan & Danni. It feels so good to have a network I can talk photography with without boring my other friends.
Thank you Kelly & team for the unbelievable experience. I am hoping I can get back to another Summit in 2017 (or 2018) to see you all again. 
❤ ph